My Last Dance

If I was to dance my last dance, and grabbed your hand would you accept? Would you glance into my eyes as I continue to pull at your hand? Would you not look out of lust, but love, true love, love that makes your heart sing, love that makes your heart beat faster, love that makes your palms sweaty?

Would you do me the honor and share with me this last dance that I desire, that I long for? Would you walk with me to the dance floor side by side holding my hand? Scared, but happy deep down inside. As we face each other would you smile, smile so hard that the creases brought on by your smile melt my heart?

Would you tell me a joke to take the butterflies away, that we’d laugh so hard? Would you pause for a moment just to look into my eyes? Nervously you smile, and scratch the side of your head, as you look around the room. 

Would you dance any song with me, A song that will let me be free, a song that will take us both away, a song that will lighten the mood, a song that will draw attention, but we would be in the moment that we wouldn’t even notice?

Would you let me press my breast softly against your chest as we slow dance? Would you pull me a little closer, to you? Would you lay your hand firmly against my waist so I would feel your warm touch?

As we dance would you let me place my head on your chest, as you kiss the top of my head? As I Iook up at you, with only the invitation of my eyes would you kiss me? When the dance comes to an end, and I tell you, I will forever cherish this dance, would you grab my hand and lead me off the dance floor?

Would you take me home, but tonight as we are both hypnotized tonight lead me to what you been waiting for? Would you lay me gently on our bed, letting my head slowly sink into your pillow and kiss my neck, my lips, then my neck again? Would you work your way down a little, to the top of my chest and lay your lips slowly on top kissing my breast as if it was the first, and last kiss you were going to give me forever. 

Would you make love to me while our favorite song is playing in the background? As you would, I’d tilt my head up to the ceiling ,moving my hips up and down, and turn my head side to side. I would take hold of the sheets, with both hands, and scrunch them together gripping them tightly.As you go in to kiss me would, you let me bite your bottom lip, slowly pulling, before you start kissing me again? Would you make love so passionate that night it would leave us wanting more? 

Lying next to each other would you make me laugh once more, while I turn to look at your smiling, and happy face? Would you make me laugh so hard that I cry? Rubbing my eyes, would you then kiss my forehead, as you get up? When I get out of the shower, and get dressed. I hear the music that’s playing. As I approach our room your standing near the bed to greet me. You grab my hand and whisper, “are you ready for your last dance. “



2 thoughts on “My Last Dance”

  1. I keep editing. I see a lot of things wrong. I will continue to edit. I had mixed feeling, about her other half. I know it would sound better or be more spicy having her just meet a man, or even one she may know or a friend. I didn’t want to go that route. I dont want it to be raunchy or slightly like a Fifty Shades or any or Romance novel. I wanted it to be passionately intimate, between her, and her other half. Like if it was a date that needed amongst themselves maybe even playing the role for a night that they just met. Its up in the air I know I will keep adding, and taking away a few things….


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