If The Shoe Fits

 Desiree was planning a party for her two year old daughter. To have a party she needed all the basics, food, pop, candy bags, and she couldn’t forget the pinata. She thought the party would not be as fun, if a clown didn’t make an appearance. She talked it over with her husband who, agreed. She was determined she was going to get a clown. Even if her daughter was too little, to possibly remember. She just wanted the day to be special for her. Who could resist a big shoe, big nose, rainbow color hair, red smiling face clown? Even if you don’t rent one. Desiree, was putting a last few finishing touches onto the cupcakes. Her daughter Elena was running around excited, as well as all the other kids who were pumped with sugar. Desiree being the hostess with the mostess entertained the children with games like pin the tale on the donkey, water balloon toss, and also rented a jumping balloon. Other kids who did not participate in the events laughed, cried, wondered around doing what kids do, while the adults were busy feasting. They were gossiping, and talking about each others children. Desiree passed by and saw her mom and aunt talking. Shaking her her head she thought, let the competition begin.

 A cousin of her’s showed up a little tipsy. Desiree smiled, thought great she could help me entertain the bunch. Everyone has that one loud family member, the one who is so bubbly that when you see them, your like yeah were use to it, but still need to keep a close eye on them. Desiree was worried because, she did put on the invitations that there would be no beer at her daughters party. Like the old potato chip saying, “You can’t just have one,” and that was the truth! Right under her nose her cousin Nadia sneaked in beer for herself, as well as other family members. Desiree lighten up, and decided to let them continue. On the terms they drank socially, and didn’t get out of hand. Hey, miracles can happen, but then again you don’t know her family. Night came before she knew , and everything was going good. The kids were still playing, the pinata was destroyed, there was still candy tucked around in the dirt, one of her tiles in the kitchen got cracked, by one of the kids. It was everything a party would, and should be, and of course kids were still jumping in the the jumping balloon.

Except there was this really big kid, massive in size. She was six feet tall, two hundred pounds exact, with a shoe size of eleven and, a half. Desiree looked towards her cousin Nadia annoyingly. Her cousin starring backed at her with some stupid kind of cool aid smile. While jumping and bobbing her head up, and down. She lifted her legs higher as she jumped, that the kids backed up into the corners. Until hiss, it went down as well as the kids in it. Parents rushed to get there kids out of it, kids crying it happen so fast, it was madness. She thought her cousins weight contributed to the inflation, but it was one of the clowns tools, a pocket knife. It was the one with all the cool gadgets, that can do anything. Well it punctured the balloon, the party was over, the tipsy clown was down for the count. Desiree was pretty convinced,and positive that she would never use that tispy clown again!



One thought on “If The Shoe Fits”

  1. The story was nice – check a few spellings, like starring instead of staring and some misplaced commas – but a nice idea nevertheless. Some sentences towards the end were confused – I couldn’t quite understand what was going on and had to re-read several times to get a general idea.
    Plus, I shivered when I read that the party should have a clown. I still remember when my friend’s party at kindergarten had a clown. I ran away crying x3


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