Anna woke up early, sluggish not sure what the day was going to bring her. Her energy was at a level one, slow motion. Slowly pacing she dragged her feet across the hall to the bathroom. She washed her face gently, and patted her face dry. While doing so, she inhaled the aroma of her dove soap. Anna looked up at the mirror coming to the realization, that although she wasn’t dead, she was zombified. She was pretty sure Halloween was two months away. Anna’s, on the bright side attitude still lingered some hope. She began to raise her right eyebrow, and again looked to the mirror. A lazy eye and soft swollen rose lips, that slightly frowned sideways, was just a glimpse of her beauty imperfections. These imperfections manifested throughout her oily face. Anna felt like she was in a trance she was, visually tooken back. She continued groping her face pulling and tugging at her skin. She gave herself a eye lift, raising the side of her eyebrow up, with her fingers. Examining some more, she finally came to terms with her reflection. She owned her lines of wisdom, scars of beauty, and imprints of strength. In a way she was mesmerize and couldn’t pull away from the mirror.

 Drawing closer to the mirror she open her eyes as big as she could. As they slowly drooped back down again, she saw her own sadness in her eyes. An indecisive twitch suddenly appeared. She though maybe she was not getting enough sleep, numerous reasons crossed her mind. Fluttering every few seconds, perhaps her twitch was a metaphor for her kindred spirit. Maybe each moment that her eye twitched, it was a reel replaying over and over, every moment, every second, twitching away good, and bad chapters of her life. Maybe it twitched away her youth, her pain, life lessons. Maybe it twitched how hard Anna worked over the years. Just maybe it twitched a long devoted love, that faced many trial, and tribulations. That stood true, but hurt to long. Maybe it twitched because, that love brought on emptiness, and leaving was relevant. Maybe it twitched the countless nights that she hardly slept. Another moment for Anna of over thinking, over analyzing, and dramatic thoughts.              

 Shaken back to reality, by the sound of her cell phone alarm, Anna refocused, and prepared herself for work. Anna realized in the moments of clarity that she let life pass her by, and she did not notice all the little things like she thought she did. Anna knew she took herself for granted little by little for too long, and seen over the years what she wanted to see. She did love herself, not like any could love her or understand her. Anna embraced her true essence. She delicately pressed her favorite lip gloss against her lips,  grabbed her lunch, and headed into her car. She turned on the radio and adjusted the side mirrors. A good song came on, and she started to bob her head, back and fourth. Her energy was renewed, her hope was restored, she was glowing.  As she looked at the rear-view mirror it focused not just what was behind her, but also what was in front of her. A glance of only her lovely eyes, and soft, rose lips smiling away.                                                                                                                                                                            mirror2


2 thoughts on “Imperfections”

  1. I went all over the place with this. I am a potential writer who has a lot to work on. I am very much open minded to be critique. Please don’t hold back your opinion weather positive, or negative. I desire very much to be a writer, and write a novel of my own one day. Writing’s my voice, it allows me to express myself, freely and openly invites me. ” )


  2. I edited this piece so many times, I am not sure I’m satisfied with it. Hmmm I got aggrivated, on how annoying my character was. ” ) She was starting to become a drag. ” )


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